Bronzen beelden | RAGONDA IJTSMA

Beeldend kunstenaar . Menselijke figuren in brons

Bronze sculptures by Dutch artist Ragonda IJtsma


Bronze sculptures of women.  The female form is a great source of inspiration for me. Every sculpture is tall, graceful and fragile but also strong and full of emotion. 

Love and relationship

Theme of these sculptures is togetherness. A sculpture is a luxury wedding gift for a married couple on their wedding day or for your own wedding anniversary.

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Corporate art

Bronze sculptures for all kinds of businesses and organizations, luxury corporate gifts suitable for a small company and a large corporation as well.

In short.....

All of these bronze sculptures are available and worldwide shipping isn't a problem.

Art themes: women, corporate art, awards, relationship, marriage and more.

Commissioned art: no design costs, your work of art could be ready within two months, just send me an email and let's get started.

Purchase: are you interested in a particular bronze sculpture? All you have to do is to fill out the orderform or send me an e-mail instead. All of my sculptures are signed and a certificate is available on request.

People inspire me, men and women, but when I make a sculpture for myself then I prefer the female form to express emotions

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