Bronzen beelden | RAGONDA IJTSMA

Beeldend kunstenaar . Menselijke figuren in brons

Bronze award sculptures by Dutch artist Ragonda IJtsma


Bronze sculpture # 81, 7.09 inches, edition 30

€ 375,00

This small work of art will steal the show at your award ceremony. The statuette expresses respect and admiration, suitable for corporate award, an actor, board member or good bye gift for a colleague.

Bronze Bronze award statuette by artist Ragonda IJtsma


Bronze sculpture # 71, 11.42 inches, edition 8

€ 620,00

The winner of this prize will be pleased with this bronze piece of art. Your corporate award gala will succeed with this sculpture, but this proud figure is also suitable for your award ceremony as well.

Bronze award sculpture by artist Ragonda IJtsma


Bronze sculpture # 69, 13.39 inches, edition 8

€ 850,00

This award sculpture is suitable for most award ceremonies. This work of art could be the eye catcher at your award ceremony. All qualities of man and woman united in one figure. For actors, businessmen...

Bronze sculpture for an award gala by artist Ragonda IJtsma

High Level

Bronze sculpture # 85, 9.45 inches, edition 8

€ 675,00

This work of art is designed for an award ceremony, it is suitable for a large organization and for small businesses as well.

Bronze sculpture, work of art for an award show


Bronze sculpture # 68, 3.9x6.7, edition 8


Bronze sculpture "Applause" is suitable for any award gala, a prize to honour a person, this could be an actor, a businessman or....

Bronze sculpture,  applause, designed for an award ceremony, by Dutch artist Ragonda IJtsma

Applause (2)

Sculpture # 72, 4.72 inches, edition 30

€ 365,00

This award sculpture is comparable with work of art # 68. This could be just the right prize for your institution or association.

Bronze sculpture applause for an award ceremony

My sculptures for award ceremonies are designed for.......

Any person or company.

Each sculpture could be given to an actor, businessman or prizewinner of a contest. These works of art are designed for each organization, corporation, institution or association and for any occasion or business event.

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